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Trans D Tropin hGH an innovative growth hormone stimulator, it helps increase your own body human growth hormone.

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Understanding the Aging Process


The Question Everyone is Asking is: Can We Actually Feel Better and Live a Longer Life ? 

The legend from the “Fountain of Youth” attracts our aspiration for health, vitality and living life to the fullest. As the “Fountain of Youth” should never be greater than a myth, scientific advances have permitted us to improve life span. 


Trans D Tropin signifies the pinnacle of those scientific accomplishments in not just extending life, 

but enhancing the standard of this extended life. 



What causes us to age?


The way in which we age is affected by numerous factors, including: Genetic makeup, the expression of phenotype and biological individuality, Hormonal / dietary inadequacies, Mental, emotional and spiritual condition, Existence-style, diet, exercise, and atmosphere. 


When we grow older, our bodies’ natural capability to produce and release Hgh (human growth hormone) reduces. The ceaseless decline of human growth hormone adds to changes connected with aging. Experts now think that the entire process of aging is really the direct consequence of decreasing human growth hormone. Though, so far the only method to increase human growth hormone levels was by inserting synthetic recombinant human growth hormone in to the body every day. Besides implementing changes that positively influence durability and excellence of life, we would not have other treatment methods. 



Exactly How Can We Slow Down the Aging Process?


Now more than ever we're more skilful, aware and play an energetic role for making our healthcare options choices. This patient driven demand on science to accelerate and uncover new, effective, safe and innovative remedies to reverse aging has brought towards the creation of Trans D Tropin.



Trans D Tropin is the Only Obvious Option to Delay and Reverse Aging!


Trans D Tropin may be the worlds first in support of Transdermal Growth Hormones Delivering Hormone (GHRH) Analog. Recent reports show statistically significant increases in human growth hormone levels from baseline, after treatment with Trans D Tropin. 



Trans D Tropin  is clinically tasted and the ingredients are 100% natural: 

  • Scientifically examined using subjective SF-36 patient outcome based study parameters. 
  • Constantly going through randomized, multi-centered, double blind, placebo controlled, mix-over studies monitoring numerous objective serum and urine parameters.
  • United States FDA registered with all ingredients GRAS classified. (National Drug Code # 65448-2115-1) 
  • Applied transdermally simply by rubbing into skin. 
  • Composed of elements from non-animal sources, composed of proteins and essential fatty acids. All ‘active component’ elements are 100% natural. 
  • Impressive, includes a rapid start of action, is very safe and it is very economical when in comparison with other treatments. 


Why should I personally use Trans D Tropin?


Trans D Tropin  may be the only treatment proven to improve endogenous human growth hormone (human growth hormone your own body produces), while consistently lowering IGF levels. “IGF’s are related to increased cell proliferation, suppression of apoptosis and increased cancer risk.” –Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol 92, No. 18, Sept. 20, 2000 


Blood insulin and cortisol (inflammatory molecules) are connected with faster aging. Trans D 

Tropin  continues to be proven in multiple clinical tests to quickly and consistently slow up the amounts of both these pro-inflammatory aging substances. Possibly not everybody really wants to live beyond a century old, but most of us want to have the perfect quality of existence, for the duration of our life. 

  • Counteract aging
  • Enhance your sports performance 



So, If These are Your Goals, Then What Are You Waiting For? Order Trans D Tropin Today and Experience the Benefits Within Days. Trans D Tropin is the Only Effective, Natural Choice! 


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How to Know if You're a Candidate for Trans D Tropin? You May Want to Use Trans D Tropin If You Have the Followings:

   All Around Health  and Wellness

    Healing and Immunity


·         Decreased Energy / Easily Fatigued

·         Decreased Sleep Quality / Restless Sleep

·         Lack of Sense of Well-being 



·         Elevated Healing Time 

·         Diminished Flexibility  

·         Chronic Discomfort (e.g. Joint disease) 

·         Elevated Inclination towards Illness 

    The Muscle Tone

    Skin, Hair and Bone


·         Decreased Muscle - Lean Body Mass 

·         Decreased Muscle Strength 

·         Decreased Exercise Performance 

·         Elevated  Body fat (Adiposity) 


·         Reduced Hair and Nail Growth 

·         Receding of Skin / Easily Bruised Skin 

·         Facial lines / Redundant Loose Skin 

·         Reduced Bone Strength And Density 

    Metabolic process

    Mental Health


·         Bloodstream Sugar Irregularities (hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia) 

·         Elevated Cholesterol Levels 

·         Reduced High-density lipoprotein Cholesterol 


·         Decreased Memory and Concentration 

·         Emotional Instability or Depression 

·         Overpowering Stress or Anxiety 

    Sexual Performance/Function

  •  Decreased Libido / Sex Drive  
  •  Diminished Sexual Potency / Performance 



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Dr. Perricone Talks About Trans D Tropin


Dr. Perricone on Trans D Tropin

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone on Trans-D

"Trans-D Tropin® technology is the single most effective age reversal therapy I have found in over 15 years of clinical practice. This treatment modality has conferred benefits to my patients I have not previously observed with any other single therapeutic agent."

Nicholas V. Perricone, MD

Asst. Clinical Professor of Dermatology,
Yale University School of Medicine


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